Marchand Watches is proud to carry the legacy of Adamir Marchand to who is the Great Grandfather to brand owner Daniel. Adamir was a Swiss watch/clock maker and inventor in the early 1900s for the prestige watch brand Benrus. Daniel started the Marchand brand to share his Swiss heritage and passion/experience with motor racing to bring to life the UK's newest motoring watch brand.

Adamir Marchand

Below is just one of Adamir's inventions from 1949 which is his design of a calendar timepiece which was later patented by him in 1952.

It's just awesomely inspirational for us to read back on the work of Adamir and start our new brand under his name in his honour.


Having competed and worked in Motorsport for several years in his late teens to early 20’s Daniel had been surrounded by exotic cars, which naturally brought Daniel into the watch world of car enthusiasts. Being surrounded daily by cars and watches of the most exotic categories the passion for watches was truly established and now alive. When his racing years came to an end Daniel promised himself that he would continue to have an involvement in Motorsport through offering products or services that that would bring great pleasure in sharing with others, now we're fortunate enough for this to be in the form of Motorsport watches.



The day one vision has been to establish ourselves as an affordable watch brand who infuse Motorsport within our watch designs. Offering premium watches with a racing essence and at an affordable price is the core of our collections. Our design motive is to bring you collections you can wear at the track, at home or in your professional life.