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So there we have it, with a little extra help we are now funded to put our new Legacy Collection into production!

Along with your much appreciated support I have come into some good fortune to help push the campaign over the funded stage. The collection you have backed really are a unique, beautifully built and finished. Like the first collection that's currently retailing the 'Debonair' I haven't started a watch brand to release your everyday shop window watches.

Having started the brand a couple years ago at age 23 with minimal funds has always made it a tough but rewarding journey from day 1. We now gained a good brand presence in the UK Motorsport scene with motor racing being such a love for so many Brits, established some great contacts and gaining good momentum, now establishing a distribution base and working on another stunning collection which is soon to be finalised with the design. We've been keeping busy.

Looking forward to the survey stage come the campaign end and I'll keep pushing for the next 2 weeks to gain more backers and I can't wait for the production to begin!

So there's a little light on our near future now that you have helped get the Legacy collection funded and we'll be speaking soon!




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